Apr 27, 2019

MTB-TOURs on the island Læsø - Denmark

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Our MTB Tours with Guide are offered to tourists and one-day-visitors on Læsø, as well as to schoolcamps (people from 14 years) and Teambuilding events.

The usual meetingpoint for the MTB-Tours is on the ferry- and yacht harbour in Vesterø Havn (Havnepladsen, DK – 9940 LÆSØ).
If requested we start tours from the campground Læsø Camping in Vesterø.
Start from Vesterø Havneplads
Usual starttime:       10 am    and / or    2 pm

Group size:               min. 4 and max. 8 peoples

Ages:                         from 14 years
The tours duration is about 1½ to 2 hours, depending on the size of the group and peoples fitness, and depending on number of small stops on the way.  
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Our route leads us over singletracks trough shrublands, forest and beaches.
From time to time we will meet some challenges like soft sand and fallen trees.

So be prepaired to walk the bike and take it over trees and little creeks.
Just before we return to the meetingpoint we will get a look of the last and only remaining old farmhouse with seaweed roof in Vesterø. (reconstructed in year 2018)

Price                including MTB (Cannondale hardtail) & helmet:
Lowseason:      350 DKK   or   45 €   (Schoolcamps: 40 € p.p.)
Mainseason:     450 DKK   or   60 €   (july 2019)

If you participate with your own MTB,
you only pay 200 DKK / 25 € for tourguiding.

Booking  via SMS   + 45 / 23 62 52 72

Send your name, tourdate/-time and your prefered MTB-size. 

MTB-sizes:   S (2x) / M (4x) / L (4x) / XL (2x)

Participation in our tours is at your own risk.
Any liability on the part of the organizer and the tour guide is excluded.

We point out the risk of injury during mountain biking.

General rules for cycling in the group:
- inform the guide before the tour about possible health problems,
- always follow the instructions of the guide,
- The speed of the group always determines the weakest participant,
so that the group can stay together,

- Cycle predictively to discover and react on possible obstacles,
such as waterholes, roots or low-hanging branches.

- We always give preference to hikers and get off the saddle if needed.
For special requests (fx mtb hire) use